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Features Of Motorized Treadmills

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A motorized treadmill is far easier to use than a manual treadmill. However, it is costly when compared to a manual treadmill, but most of the inexpensive treadmills are better suited for walking than running.

Manual treadmills can cause excessive strain to your joints as you have to use your legs to move the belt. This can cause problems in the long run. A motor treadmill offers many more features such as inclines and heart monitors; it helps you to train rigorously and thus increase your levels of fitness by choosing the intensity of your workout.

A motorized treadmill is not only suitable for running but also walking at a low speed. It makes your workout sessions easier and simpler by letting you enter the numbers denoting calories and speed, which helps you to fix a target for your workouts.

The price difference between manual and motorized treadmills are quoted owing to the presence of a motor in motorized ones, which makes the belt move on its own, unlike manual treadmills where you have to use your legs to move the belt.

A large number of motorized treadmills are available in the market to suit your convenience. There are different treadmills that help in loosing weight and increasing your stamina or just for improving your fitness levels. These treadmills also help you keep track of the calories you burn, the total distance covered during your workout, and the rate of your heartbeat. They are also used in the hospital for health check ups in certain departments.

Motorized treadmills offer a smooth surface to run on and have the option of inclining the surface of the belt according to your requirements. The inclining option gives a workout of better intensity and helps you burn more calories while strengthening your hamstrings. The manual treadmills have no timing settings to determine the calories you burn as the speed depends on how fast or how much time you walk on the belt.

The adjustment of speed in a motorized treadmill is the greatest advantage as it helps you to fix a particular target, thus making the work out far more easier and professional. A motorized treadmill gives you a steady and constant speed throughout your workout. Moreover, a manual treadmill is not suitable for people who have low stamina and are not fit enough to push the belt while walking, as it requires much more energy than that needed for working out on a motorized treadmill.

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