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Things You Can Do by Using a Suitable Pick-up Tool

by irmametaxas

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If you've ever seen the first Star Wars trilogy, you would undoubtedly recall that Luke Skywalker's hand was substituted with a prosthetic arm shortly after Darth Vader hacked it off. Although technology today is still somewhat behind in relation to that of the Star Wars universe, you nevertheless have access to a tool with capabilities that even Luke's robotic hand can't do. Imagine a robotic hand equipped with Mr. Fantastic's stretching capabilities--that's a grabber tool.

Everyone has lived through that sense of incapacity whenever you can't get a hold of something. Yet with the type of reaching instruments we can use, you'd never need to worry about that again. Now, you don't need to stretch when trying to reach for the remote control, or be in danger of falling from a step ladder when filling the bird feeder. And that's just a few of its uses; depending on the type, grabber devices can make your life easier in a variety of ways.

The Grappler

The Grappler is a grabbing implement at its most basic. It is manufactured from aluminum and has claw-like projections along the edges. Its handle sports a trigger-like feature and each time you tighten your grip on it, the talons on the opposite end will shut. You can use this tool to get to items that are hard to reach, eliminating the need to strain yourself or rely on a step ladder ever again.

The Handler
The Handler is another variety of grappling tool whose chief function is to minimize the need for bend over backward and lift up pails. This is primarily a clamp with a handgrip that you can latch on to pails to make ergonomically-friendly trash containers. If you partner it along with the Grappler, you could grab rubbish and tuck it into the trash container without needing to bend over and in so doing harm your back.

The Bag Opener

Visualize yourself tidying up after a picnic. You'll probably need to utilize a sizable garbage bag, however making sure it remains open will probably be tricky if you're alone. But with the help of bag openers, it's easier to keep the mouth of the bag open; it's even got a handle to move the bag-- and you can make use of your trash grabber tool to load it with rubbish.

The Gain Cane

Think of a device that is at once a reaching tool and a cane at the same time. Gain Canes are simply Grapplers. However, Gain Canes are built stronger and are designed specifically to be used as a walking cane by people who cannot do without it. These days, you no longer need to strain your body when bending, getting up, or grabbing things.

One particular well-known style of grabber equipment is the Gopher pick up tool -- but before you acquire one, be sure to compare it first to other makes on the market. For additional details, you can visit

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