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Especially if you’re in the company of the Brent Cross women

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An area in the north of London, Brent Cross can be found in the London Borough of Barnet. Like most places in London that isn’t predominantly a residential area, the shopping is what sticks on most people’s minds. This is the certainty when it comes to Brent Cross, known for the Brent Cross Shopping Centre; what else would it be called? The River Brent flows right through it, but is often mistook for a natural water route though is a man-made channel. When it first opened in 1976, it made shopping history in the UK as the first stand-alone centre. The nearest underground stations are Hendon Central and Brent Cross; both found on the Northern Line. Now that you know how to get to the district, you need to know what to do when you’re actually there. Especially if you’re in the company of the Brent Cross escorts.


Heading to a shopping centre is perhaps not the first idea that comes to mind when you’re thinking of spending time with a gorgeous companion. But perhaps you need to refuel before your date, so heading there with your pals is an ideal plan. The relaxed nature of the centre is perfect for getting you in the mood for an dinners you might have in the evening. Stress free, light snacks and refreshing beverages makes for the perfect tea time activity. Especially if the weather, at its current rate of mugginess, humidity and insane heat. Whilst it’s not as hot as the Sahara Desert, it’s certainly sunnier and hotter than we fair mortals of London town are used to. Perhaps if we spent more time with a Brent escort we would be used to  hot things. Alas, we do not treat ourselves enough to warrant comparisons between the weather and the companions available.


Back to the restaurant, or cafe perhaps as is better known. In the department store of Fenwick, Restaurant on Three is a seemingly simple yet quite ingenious name for the eater. It tells you what and wear it is. What more could you want? With the handmade cakes, the scones and pastries, these are accompanied by the organic and fair-trade coffee or tea that is served. If you’re looking for something slightly larger, the sandwiches, paninis and salads are popular with the diners. As well as the freshly made organic beef burgers and omelettes. All too often we rush around, never taking the time to actually sit and reflect, or just be. Which is why when you’re shopping, or just running errands, take time to have a cup of tea, perhaps a scone, and maybe indulge in some time with an escort from Brent Cross.

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