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Know what QR code all about

by rickpetko91791

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Do you know what QR code all about is? How QR code generates and how it works? If no then this article is very beneficial for you. Before discussing some deep factors about QR codes, let have a look what are QR codes? QR codes also called as Quick response codes are actually 2-D codes, which are able to hold any alphanumeric content and frequently some featured URLs. The QR codes have used to receive some sorts of information from any temporary media and place it inside your mobile phones. In fact, QR code is one of the most convenient methods of displaying a very small bit of information, which has easily processed and scanned by mobile gadgets. Due to QR codes, almost many physical items become interactive by providing information, which has easily scanned like any website URL. 


Apart from this, the main reason behind the usefulness of QR code as compared to standard barcode is that the quick response codes can accumulate large amount of data including geo coordinates, images, text, videos, encoded data and URL links. Although, the storage capacity of quick response codes for data depends upon the version, error correction level and character set as the typical quick response codes contains huge amount information in the form of alphanumeric characters.


You might be thinking that is barcodes and quick response codes are similar but there is a huge difference between barcode and QR codes.  Barcodes do encoding of data only in the horizontal plane and on the other hand, quick response codes can encode data in both vertical and horizontal plane. Due to the encoding in both planes, more data has allowed to encode in smaller space. In fact, the day not far when you are able to see quick response codes on a web page, a billboard, in a magazine advertisement or even on the t-shirt of any individual. If quick response codes are available on your mobile phones then it will provides you all details related to the person who carry that t-shirts, it may also provide you a coupon that you can use in any local outlet, details related to business or provide you a URL that you can click to see a trailer for a movie.


Other than this, quick response codes are very quick to execute and virtually cost effective. In fact, if QR codes has used effectively then it will surely gain attention of consumers and produce sales that helps your company to preserve a current image. 

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