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Handy tips about using a broadcast spreader

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Whenever you are applying fertilizer, weed killer, or any other lawn attention solution, it is advisable that you use spreaders because they are simply the most ideal equipment for the task.


A broadcastspreader can come in two styles i.e. hand held or push cart. The hand held has a container that holds about three cups of the fertilizer seeds or grass seeds. It is the smaller of the two varieties. This spreader only needs you to load the container and then twist the small trigger for the matter to drop through the underside gaps.


The other type of broadcast spreaderhas a larger tub with a nearly identical dispenser mechanism. You activate the opening system by squeezing a lever attached to the hand grip. The tires will then twist a rotor that’ll lob the fertilizer in a wide arc.


The best thing about these spreaders is that they are affordable and very durable. For example, a spreader that costs less than $25 should without problems last for many days. Make sure to wash your spreader well before you store it to eliminate any chemical residual and apply a few drops of oil on the axel frequently. has a variety of these spreaders. Make sure to visit their website, to purchase one that suits you.

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