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How a Dancing Mushroom Can Lead to Better Health

by mackshepperson

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Managing ailments such as high blood, diabetes, or cancer can take a toll on anyone and their loved ones, both financially and emotionally. Even the simple task of following doctor’s orders becomes complicated over time, what with the onset of more mixed feelings from the burden of battling the affliction, or a worsening of its symptoms and manifestations.

The care needed for managing such ailments as above (as with any other condition) would sometimes require a combination of cure and prevention. Of course, only the right duly-licensed specialist can actually administer the necessary cures, so to speak. But preventive care is something that anyone can do, especially the afflicted person himself or herself. Now, what if you were told that there’s a preventive option that comes in the form of a dancing mushroom? Okay, not exactly a mushroom that’s going to dance in front of you and make you feel better just like that, but read on to find out more.

Out there is a certain mushroom called grifola frondosa, also known by its Japanese name Maitake, meaning “dancing mushroom”. It’s long been used in Chinese and Japanese herbal medicine, yet is native both to Japan and North America. While more studies are still on-going to explore other medicinal capabilities of the Maitake mushroom, some have already shown what this dancing fungus can do for boosting your health.


Diabetics take insulin to control their blood sugar, but some develop insulin resistance or are unable to control their blood sugar levels in spite of using the hormone. An April 2007 finding in the Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology confirms that Maitake can reduce insulin resistance. Maitake contains an ingredient called beta-glucan that increases sensitivity to insulin. Type 2 Diabetics are especially hit by insulin resistance, so taking this as a supplement can very well address that problem.


The same beta-glucan, along with a carbohydrate called polysaccharide in a Maitake mushroom extract, is also anti-carcinogenic. Maitake has since been shown to slow tumor growth and halt the spread of cancer. This can also lower the side effects of chemotherapy.

High Blood Pressure

A 2010 research paper by Preuss, Echard, Bagchi and Perricone indicates that Maitake treated high blood pressure and some inflammation in lab rats. Various medical references have since commonly said that Maitake has promise in regulating blood pressure. However, the researchers recommend taking Maitake mushroom supplement in capsule form rather than eating them raw.

Maitake mushroom supplement is also being explored for treating HIV/AIDS, hepatitis and weight loss. Thus, you now have another maintenance alternative for your condition, which, if successful will perhaps even lessen your need for doctor’s treatment, and eventually lower your costs over time. You can read more about the Maitake study at

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