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Colombian Confrontation

by adams446

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Colombian women are some of sexiest and most headstrong women in the world. Many men think they wear the trousers in a relationship but actually, it’s just the women letting them think that! There is no better example of this than with Colombian women; they definitely rule the roost! Colombian escorts are very proud of their country and culture. Despite high poverty and crime rates, it is a beautiful country, rich in diversity. Escorts from Colombia are very interesting people to talk to and get to know. However, their lips are so luscious and the tone in their voice so seductive, that you might just end up getting extremely distracted thinking about something else!

Last year, 250 women in the town of Barbacoas came up with a brilliant idea to get what they wanted. There is only one road out of Barbacoas to bigger cities in Colombia and it was an incredibly dangerous one. Thirty-five miles long, unpaved and ruined by torrential rain and landslides, it was a death trap for all those brave enough to use it. Dozens of people have been killed on the Junin-Barbacos road, many who had they been able to receive medical attention sooner, may have survived but the road didn’t allow easy access for the emergency services. The large group of women decided to begin a “Crossed Legs Strike” where they refused to have sex with their husbands until the husbands put pressure on the authorities to repair the road and make it safe! Genius! Their husbands became so sexually frustrated they did exactly what the women wanted and even decided to join forces with the women and protest themselves, going to the central park in Barbacoas to stage a hunger strike. The protests were not just to get the main road repaired, the people of Barbacoas felt like their corrupt Colombian government didn’t care about their needs because their town is so remote The townspeople said that they had health and education problems that needed to be dealt with amongst much more.

Sex strikes are apparently quite common in Colombia. Perhaps the largest and most significant strike was in 2006 when Manuel Bonnet the military chief, asked for the wives and girlfriends of drug lords, guerrillas and paramilitaries to withhold sex from their partners. The reason for this? There had been a huge wave of crime and violence in the town of Pereira which had left around 480 people dead. Gangsters who did not hand in their weapons were refused sex by their partners. So why does this even work? Well, Colombian women are gorgeous. Whether they have chocolate or golden skin, they are all beautiful woman with fantastic bodies and fabulous curves. As you will see when with a Colombian escort, they are passionate women who know how to move their bodies in a way that makes them irresistible.


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