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Technology more than quandary

by anonymous

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Where we live in this fresh and most modern era, we use technology in all our concern work and toil. It will be best saying we are fail in each toil if we are not acting or utilizing any skill based on latest technique or practice. We strongly agree with the power and clout of tech, which is having rule on us very proudly and smugly. Our mostly each single little using material base on technology. Like the example of, I have Torne my shirt buttons need to stitch it, yes what I should do for this. For stitching I need needle with all stitching material. So this tiny needle also base on deep Programming tech. Technology circulates around all of us where we feel we are not bringing it any matter, work all time get delay. Like cellular companies is also comes in latest tech ground list. Public all time try to get clutch all their favor and tie public. As all we are bound with each other on single strip. And on this strip we have to move, we have to circulate and badge all libilaty.many of youngsters like to buy heavy cost phone with all latest functions and features.

Like Android and Iphone is now a very common fashion for trendy users. They use it for mostly fast and rapid internet, where speed all time matters them. People download games, music, stories and  clips too. Latest technology now converted into lavishness of life. Most of time it demand heavy cost. So simple saying is all being cant afford high level tech too. And the folk is poor, so how he or she can afford best trendy phone as that not comes in his or her pocket range. Cell phones also grabbing high cost like Nokia phone or other latest and known companies.

Their tariff rates are too high. But many of companies are also sail phones on cheap and low cost for them who can easily afford too. Believers all time not agree with the point that tech is blessing with each moment. It is carrying most of negative and harm after effects. That maybe cause of injury of morals like some bad and video clips that folks are carrying on their phones. It is because of latest tech.persons spending all nights with their computer system and internet. Sleepless nights are bad health brings with serious brain problem. When disease comes,socity disturb with domestic issues. Games are also putted in list of harm notes. Video game players have much focus on players and games rules rather than study and other useful task. As kid have very tiny mind and simple and easy thoughts. He or her get soon all environmental air absorbs. When he or she spending most of his or her time on cartoons with games so really study will say good bye. And he or she chooses its wrong direction of road where he or she simply get poor character with dire spirit.

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