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There is no argument that pearls are the most beautiful and unique gemstone in the world but the most stunning type of pearl is Freshwater. Freshwater pearls come in various sizes, colors, and


Freshwater pearls are the most common and well-know type of pearls
because they are such a wide resource. Freshwater pearls take less time
to produce than any other type of pearl, making them the most
affordable and popular type of pearl. One of the defining features that
make Freshwater pearls so stunning is their luster. Freshwater pearls come in pink, lavender,
and peach. Pearls are made of nacre, and these light colors make the
brilliant quality of the nacre which forms freshwater pearls burst,
drawing attention immediately.


The colors of these
pearls can also be enhanced to make their shades lighter or darker and
to change the color entirely. Freshwater pearlscan come in any color
imaginable, which also makes them a favorite among wmen. Fresh water
pearls are a great option for woman because they are so affordable.
When you purchase freshwater pearls, you can achieve the elegant look
of pearls without paying a lot of money. The fact that Freshwater
pearls are more affordable does not take away from their quality or
beauty however. Many Freshwater pearls are also very high quality and
can be worth a lot of money, as luster, surface quality, size and shape
increase (the way that the quality of every pearl is determined).


pearls come in many sizes, starting at 1-4 millimeters, known as seed
pearls. Largest sizes of Freshwater pearls reach around 12-14
millimeters but can even come in sizes as big as 17-20 mm. Shapes
Freshwater pearls include: round, semi-round, button, coin, and mabe.
Producing different shapes of Freshwater pearls has become very simple
over time and you can find just about any shape you can think of.
Jewelry designers love Freshwater pearls because of the diversity they


If you are in search of the perfect piece of pearl jewelry,
then you should consider a Freshwater pearl bracelet. Pearl Bracelets
are striking and make a lasting impression. The simplicity of a pearl
allows it to be worn day or night no matter what the occasion. At Aloha
Pearls, we offer a large selection of pearl bracelets from elegant to
modern. If sophistication is what you desire, then a solid freshwater
pearl bracelet in white would be wonderful for you. If you want to mix
it up a bit, choose one of our other colors such as pink or lavender.


women love Freshwater pearls because the different shapes provide
modern takes on pearl jewelry. If you are one of these women, then
consider a coin pearl bracelet (pearls are a flat disk-like shape) with
crystal studded spacers in between, offering a little bling to the
look. Another popular design are our white pearls paired with jade
beads, in white or yellow gold. No matter what your style,
www.alohapearls has the perfect item for you.


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