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Advenjo Unveils A Social Networking Platform For Travel Enth

by williamkle

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New Delhi, Delhi (January 02, 2015) – Nowadays people are having lot of sources to get information over the internet. This is often very much time consuming to go and search for the particular website and find the relevant information, especially in terms of trips and tours. Sometimes we feel bad and annoying to spend time on a holiday, which is supposed to be a relaxing experience. Internet is so huge these days that you will get lot of information in front of you, but you have to pick up the best suited pieces minutely. Considering this, Advenjo has extended its online platform.

This web based platform is specially designed, with the aim of simplifying the planning process of your trip. This website brings in a social portal to let users share maximum f 10 pictures of the daily routine. Added to that, users are allowed with memories, with each of these 10 pictures. The team of this social networking platform is dedicated to collectively connect world’s best trips and experiences and focused on adding value to it. You would find a line of interesting traveling details here. Users are found to come up with their journey day activities, discussions on mood activities, adventurous journey, top places to visit, top destinations to visit, top places to visit in spring, top places to visit in fallon this platform. Moreover you can start travel story writing, or create moments here as well.

This is reported to be the first ever Social Networking Journey website that has dedicatedly bringing a step closer among travellers, spread all over the world, where special trip moments of each day can be uploaded with distinctive activity moods. This platform is actively creating a link between all Journeys held till time to get together. For more details please visit

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  • PatriaJones
    Found something interesting after a long time !! great .
  • AilsaLilly, one of the best sites on our list, lets find traveling friends essentially plan your vacation day and time wise for you by syncing with social sites . Concept is just brilliant as far as start up is concerned. 

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