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Why an Orangery Should be Added to Your Home?

by anonymous

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Orangeries can serve various purposes. You can add this type of conservatory to your home and enjoy several benefits. In this article we are going to discuss about some of the reasons regarding the use of orangery in our houses.

The first and the foremost reason of adding this to home is adding space. The additional area can be used for various purposes. As a form of greenhouse, many people use it so that they can grow plants. It is the original purpose for which orangeries are built and it is the reason behind such a name. We know that trees like orange and lime need lots of warmth and sun to grow up well. Centuries ago citrus trees like these were grown using orangeries. Many people use the additional area as the dining. Even people use it as kids’ play area or as storage. If you have pets, you can keep them safely in that additional area too.

Adding light to the house is another major reason of using it. Mainly glass windows are used to compose this. To reduce the initial cost and maintenance expense, many of us go for UPVC. Before building it, you must find the ideal place to construct it so that the sun light can enter the house.

One should thank orangeries for acquiring heating benefits. More the sun rays penetrate into this place, more your house will get the natural light and also the heating. Most of the orangeries are built by using double glazing to get as much benefits as possible. You can cut your expenses on paying the electric bills because you won’t have to use electricity for lighting or heating purposes.

You can use this place as an entertainment too. Many home owners want to have an atmosphere at their place that is unique and welcoming and having an orangery is a creative and artistic solution. One can use different types of decorating stuff so that the place can be made a pleasant area to entertain the guests. If you r want to arrange a dinner party, then this place in your house can be a good place to organize it.

Last but not the least is the value of the house which will definitely increase if an orangery is built in it. We have already discussed it can increase the floor area of the house and hence it can increase the value and prestige of the house. This is why; if you want to sell your house, you will be offered more money because of having this in your house. One, who has come to the real estate market to buy a house, definitely has lots of money. By spending money, he or she will want something different to buy. A house with orangery can definitely catch his/her eyes. So, these are some of the reasons why you should build an orangery in your house.

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