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Conserve The Nature! Go Solar!

by Editor123

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Anyway one looks at the problems facing the world regarding energy,
the answer stares back boldly. Fossil fuels have been exploited for far
too long. Firstly these are not going to last very long and secondly,
and more importantly, global warming issues make it imperative that
this exploitation is stopped forthwith. The obvious solution,
therefore, is to quickly stop the use of non-renewable energy sources,
namely the petroleum based fuels. There are some good alternatives by
way of renewable energy sources such as the use of solar energy
products, geothermal, biomass or wind energy sources. Among all these
alternatives the solar energy is the best solution since the technology
is proven. Therefore, whether one is interested in energy to power a
residence or a commercial establishment, a solar installation is the obvious answer.

Solar energy products can reduce almost the entire cost of energy
necessary depending of course on the size of the system. The other
aspect is that each year the utility prices are increasing. This
further strengthens the case in favour of a solar installation so that
one is insulated against the steady rise in electricity tariffs. When
one invests in a solar electric system, the system actually increases
the intrinsic value of the residence or building. The system also pays
off very quickly for itself in just a few years. The best part is that
this investment does not cause any increase in the property taxes.

Among all the various renewable sources of energy, solar energy
stands out as one of the more responsible technologies. There are no
pollutants associated with a solar installation. You actually gain in
image due to association with an environmentally friendly energy
source. There are several incentives both federal and state that can
save as much as 80% of the cost of the system and the panels come with
a warranty for 25 years.

Solar energy products
are based on photovoltaic cells or solar cells. These are
semi-conductor devices that convert sunlight into DC or direct current
electricity. The DC energy collected from an array of cells is fed to a
bank of batteries that is continuously charged as long as sunlight is
available. The DC is subsequently converted to AC and used for meeting
the power requirement of appliances. The facility of net metering gives
you the advantage of diverting surplus energy to the utility grid. This
energy diversion builds up energy credit in your favor for future use.
There are prominent integrators of renewable energy systems that accept
turnkey commitments for all solar installations.

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