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Building your Business Reputation in Google Search Engine!

by intesols

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Link Building: Building your Business Reputation in Google Search Engine!
If you are looking to enhance your website ranking and want to improve your Google Search Engine result, link building is the effective and guaranteed method!  But what actually Link Building is? How it is done? And what is its importance in a website’s search engine optimization? Well, we are going to answer your all these questions in this article!

Let’s start with definition:

Simply saying Link Building is a process to increase the number of links that point to your (or any specific!) website! Link Building is concerned as one of the most important aspects of Search Engine Optimization.

What is Link Building in SEO?

Link Building in SEO is like expanding the reach of your webpage or website in a broad are of internet. It involves activities like making your webpage or website link appear in other web pages and websites, search engine, directories, blogs, news articles, press releases, classifieds etc. In short, link building is the process of making your website’s link popular amongst visitors and thus to improve your page ranks so that your website can do a better in the context of search engine results.

How it is done?

Link Building is in-fact very easy process but on the other hand it is very tough also. Confused how? Let’s get the doubt clear! Link Building if seen generally is the activity of submitting your website link, and meta tags in search engine, directories, blogs, classifieds, and social bookmarking sites, but at the same time it is very tough to do it properly and so it is need to be done carefully so that our goal is reached because if you don’t take proper care and if you continue to do it non-stop, it could be considered as spamming and your page or site could be blacklisted! So let’s know how to do it properly and professionally so that our goal (of improving page rank) is reached!


  • Concentrate on your keywords and be relevant to it.

This is most important rule. Be relative to your keywords and don’t try to go everywhere where you are not related (or your website is not related!). For example, if you are submitting your search engine optimisation company’s website link to some web directories then you should submit it only in those directories which offer submission facility for search engine optimisation company category, never try to submit everywhere else its going to be considered as spamming.


  • Try to use your best relative keywords and Meta tags.

While submitting your links to any site (be it directory or blog or classified or something like that) try to concentrate on your most important keywords and use those keywords that speaks your business. For example, if you are submitting link for your search engine optimisation company in Australia, try to use such keywords that speak your business like: Search Engine Optimisation Company Australia, SEO Firm Australia, SEO Australia, SEO firm Melbourne etc.


  • Always keep an eye on your submitted links

This is good idea to track performance of your submitted links, try to track the links you submitted to search engine, blogs, directories, or any other sites. There are many tools available to track your submitted links. But simply you can search and look for this in google search engine by using “link:yourdomainname”.


  • Its and ongoing process so keep it on always

Link Building is an ongoing process and so you should continue to do it as long as you wish to work on search engine optimisation process. Don’t think that you have submitted too many links and so it is enough now, no never! SEO is a never ending activity so keep the good work on, always!

That’s all about Link Building! Always try to find out what’s the latest trend in Link Building and try to walk with the change, that’s the way of doing better with Search Engine Optimisation!

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