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Winter Perfumes

by kunwarpal

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If you are a perfume enthusiast you will know that there is are different perfumes for different times, rather different perfumes for different seasons. Wearing a summer perfume in winter season is as absurd as wearing a sleeveless tee. But what is it that separates the perfume as per seasons? Let’s find out  A scent should first of all evoke the seasonal fragrances and moods. There has to be a synergy to compliment the weather around you.

For example, in the summer season light perfumes always claim to elicit memories of warm days on the beach enjoying the sun and water. The fragrances are fruity or reminiscent of spring and summer flowers. Winter perfumes, on the other hand, tend to be a bit heavier and evoke images of cool autumn and crisp winter days. Instead of remembering when you were lying on the beach, you think of taking a long walk through fallen leaves or snuggling in a warm coat. 

Another logic behind different perfumes for winter is that in the cold most people wear more and heavier clothes. As a result there is not as much skin exposed, as it would be in other seasons. Therefore, perfumes that are worn in winter times should be able to overcome this stuffing with clothing, and that’s one reason the scents tend to be a bit stronger. The musk scent is a great example of a heavier scent more appropriate for winter than for summer. 

Also the winter perfumes have scents that are meant to reflect the scents of holidays and cozy evenings. So a woody flair will rekindle remind the thoughts of holiday desserts made with vanilla beans. 

One more difference with our winter scents is that they are much more subtle and they are usually sparsely worn as the scent doesn’t need to overpowering the atmospheric flavors as is the case in summer times. 

These are the reasons for you and me to understand the logic behind using different perfumes for the winter season. Experts will not such convincing. He will say you wear it because it’s only logical. Well, we can always judge a perfume based on the above criteria and boost of being an expert ourselves!For More Detial Visit :

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