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Tips to Solve 'No bootable partiton in table' Boot Error in

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    Tips to Solve 'No bootable partiton in table' Boot Error in Windows




    Master Boot Record or MBR is the first sector of hard disk that is accessed to determine where and how the operating system is located so that the computer can boot. It also imparts information, like number and type of partitions that the hard disk contains. Because it is the first code executed when the computer is turned on, it is one of the common sites for virus writers to aim. For this reason or another similar if MBR gets damaged, serious data loss can take in effect. In such circumstances if all techniques to rewrite the MBR fail and suitable data backup is unavailable too, it is suggested to look for a Windows Data Recovery tool.



    For instance, suppose you try to boot your Wis-based computer. The boot process may not end successfully and stop at a black screen. Additionally, you might receive an error message, such as below:


    No bootable partiton in table”


    You cannot access the data stored on hard disk after you receive this error message.




    The above error can most prominently occur if you have modified the disk MBR or your computer cannot find one. Most likely, the MBR is corrupt.


    It can also happen if the computer is trying to boot from a storage media (such as, USB, CD/DVD etc.) that doesn't contain the valid boot instructions (MBR).




    Make sure that no USB device or CD/DVD is connected to the computer when you are trying to start it. Also, ensure the correct boot sequence in BIOS settings that should point to your hard disk first.


    If none of these solutions work, boot the computer using Windows installation disk and start the Windows Recovery Console or Windows Recovery Environment (depending on your operating system). Access the command prompt and run fixmbr command.


    Note: Always install and use a powerful anti-virus program to prevent such problems from occurring.


    If your data still remains inaccessible, you can use a Windows Partition Recovery utility to recover partition . A Windows Data Recovery tool allows to recover and restore lost data using high-end scanning algorithms.


    Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery software is an advanced recovery tool that recovers lost and deleted data from Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2003, and 2000 -based systems. The safe Windows Partition recovery software impressive set of recovery features. The tool incorporates options, like Disk Imaging, Disk Cloning, RAW File Recovery etc.




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