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The Tahitian Pearl Necklace Every Woman Wishes to Have

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Pearls are the most unique gem in the whole world because each individual pearl is unlike any other. Not only is each pearl different but there are several types of pearls, sizes, and shapes of pearls. Tahitian pearls are regarded as some of the highest quality of pearls in the world. This is because they start growing at 8 millimeters and can reach sizes of 16 to 17 millimeters. Another reason these pearls are coveted is because there are hundreds of different colors and only on pearl can be grown per mollusk. The mollusk Tahitian pearls are grown in has a black lip and a unique silver color, pink, iridescent color which produces a wide array of colors in pearls and provides a great luster to them. Though they are considered black pearls, Tahitians come in colors from silver to black, gray to turquoise, or peacock to pistachio. Because there are so many different colors and sizes of this type of pearl, anyone is bound to find something they like at Aloha Pearls.

At Aloha Pearls, our Tahitian pearls are hand-picked by the owner when he travels to Tahiti several times a year. He inspects each pearl, looking for quality gems by studying shape, luster, and surface quality You know that our pearls are quality because we get them right from the source. At Aloha Pearls, we showcase our pearl jewelry by setting delicate designs and make them noticed by mounting them in inspired styles with diamonds and gold and other pearls Our Tahitian strands are the most beautiful on the island and we have many selections in colors, shapes and lengths. Pearls with a teardrop shape with lines running around it, are known a s baroque pearls. We also carry many styles or theses, large and small. Keshi pearls are also a popular trend in Tahitian pearls and these are also featured at out store. We understand that pearls represent the person wearing them and have set out to create one of a kind piece that will exemplify each person who wears one. At Aloha Pearls, we have the Tahitian pearl that every woman desires to have and should.

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