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What To Look For In Stretcher Bars

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You need the best stretcher bars for your expensive art work, your priceless giclee prints and costly paintings. These bars should not crack, bend or otherwise in any way damage your precious work of art. So before you go shopping for stretcher bars you have to first see the kind of bars that you can get at good warehouses. Then you need to compare the prices, the quality of the bars and the specifications and then only finalize your choice in warehouses. Good wood should be dimensionally stable and straight without sagging or warping. In long bars there is a tendency to become dimensionally unstable unless the bars are sectioned together. This is achieved by the use of finger splines. These splines increase the resistance of the long bars to bow or twist. The sectioning adds to the strength of the bars and thereby offers more resistance to bending than a single bar would be capable of offering. This works something similar to the principle of plywood. So you need to look out for dimensionally stable wood and splined bars when you shop for stretcher bar.

There are medium duty bars and light duty stretcher bars besides medium/heavy duty stretchers and the big daddy of them all, the super heavy duty stretcher bars. The medium duty bars are the standard stretcher bars of the industry. These bars have the slightly raised and rounded edges that reduce the friction that is confronted while stretching. This allows more stretching and reduces the stresses on both the canvas and the guy who is stretching. There is no risk of the canvas getting damaged since the edges are rounded and not sharp. There is a resistance to bowing too. The light duty stretcher bars are ideal for the smaller art work such as giclee prints. The bars are made from high quality kiln dried fir wood as in all the other cases. The rounded edges hold the canvas and the flat part of the bar slightly apart. There is much less stress on the canvas due to this reason. In order to maintain the strength of the frame cross braces should be used.

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