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Investing in Text Message Marketing Software

by anonymous

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Text marketing is a prominent feature of the revolutionary mobile marketing model. For them not in the know, mobile marketing is whereby businesses use mobile devices as their channels of getting the message out to potential customers. This has come into being because currently most people are relying on their mobile gadgets, both smart and WAP-enabled phones, and also tablets, to access information, buy products and services, and also in banking among other uses. This shift from laptops and PCs is what prompted witty marketers to create text message marketing software so as to facilitate the maximum exploitation of all the opportunities in mobile marketing.

We must note that text marketing is not the only channel available in mobile marketing. It is however the principal one considering the other modes such as social media, mobile applications, and email marketing. Recently done researches are revealing that people nowadays opt to text their families, friends, and workmates through social networks, IMs, and of course SMS. The argument that follows is that if people use their mobile devices to access all sorts of information then the same devices can be a very ideal conduit for marketing. What we need therefore is a text message marketing software platform to facilitate and manage such communication and address any challenges that may manifest.

How exactly is such a platform intended to work? Well, first the keyword concept is borrowed from search engines. The marketer, through other channels including TV, radio, banners, and posters, encourages the consumer to text that keyword to a particular number. The customer receives a reply that may carry information on the product or have a link to a website, video, social network, images, and so forth. With the text message marketing software, the marketer is able to build a database of the potential clients to whom he/she can introduce other products. Through the database the marketer can also exactly determine the ROI the text marketing strategy has brought about unlike other strategies where only estimates can be considered.

There is however a great possibility to sort of abuse text marketing. A scenario where a customer is frequently bombarded by marketing text messages is detrimental to the campaign as the customer can always blacklist the marketer’s number. By all means the customer should reserve the choice to opt in or out of the marketing service. A suitable text message marketing software platform provides the marketer with the right SMS keywords for the different products or services to be marketed, it facilitates immediate consumer interaction with the marketer, it automates texts as well as email responses, and guarantees consumer privacy among other functions. Mobile service providers always charge replies to customers but we can get such software suites that charge nothing at all.

The text message marketing software is also useable for the distribution of website links, photos application forms, coupons, and vouchers, to run competitions and surveys, inform customers of shopping hours and locations, and so forth.

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