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Employee Life Insurance Coverage May Not be Enough

by anonymous

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Insurance is an important part of being a productive citizen, and insurance can cover many different aspects of a person’s life from travel to automobile to home to medical and life insurance. Sometimes forms of insurance may be mandatory, such as having insurance if you own or lease a vehicle, but other forms of insurance may be optional. Even for optional insurances such as life insurance, it can be very worthwhile to purchase these insurances. For smokers who are looking to review their current policy, or are starting a new policy completely about smokers life insurance there are a few important things to know.

First a person should take a look at any current smokers life insurance policy they may have. Some companies will offer their employees life insurance policies, but the coverage may vary. It is important for people to do their own research with life insurance to see if the life insurance policy that might be offered by their employer is their best option. There may be restrictions or conditions with a company based life insurance policy, and in addition the policy will likely only be valid for as long as the employee works for the employers. For anyone who will be leaving or is considering leaving their employer they may want to look into purchasing life insurance on their own.

The second thing a person should make note of is any medical condition or other condition that may affect their life insurance policy. If a person has a history with an illness or another medical condition they need to make sure they let the insurance company know about the condition. This could include things like an increase of heart disease due to family genetic, or something like smoking. Withholding this type of pertinent information from an insurance company could be seen as committing insurance fraud a felony that can be punishable by law. Even if people have a preexisting condition they should still be able to get proper insurance coverage. After all smokers life insurance is needed just as much as non-smokers insurance. No reputable life insurance company should deny a person life insurance coverage for a condition like smoking.

Preexisting medical conditions like smoking can cause life insurance premiums to be higher for people with such conditions, compared to people without these conditions. Smokers life insurance coverage may vary depending on the frequency of smoking, and generally people would need to show that they have been smoke free for at least 12 months for the condition to be removed from their policy. Still, having life insurance offers important and critical coverage for individuals and family no matter what stage of life people may be in – or what state of health. Getting a review of the current life insurance policies people may have, whether it is with their employer or otherwise, is always a valuable resource. No matter what conditions a person may have, people should make sure that their life insurance policy covers all of their personal insurance needs, while still being affordable.

Oftentimes a smoker’s life insurance ( ) policy can be more expensive or complicated than some who doesn’t smoke. If you have questions or inquiries, Bevington Insurance Solutions have answers for you, right now. To know if term life insurance has cash value or not, you may also visit Wiki.answers.

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