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Changes to the California Health Coverage System

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You may not be aware, but it is now the law in America that everyone has to have health insurance. However, it is for you and your family’s benefit in the long run. California health coverage has made it so it is easy for you and your family. There are several options and choices available, in order to serve you better. In the new year, all the health insurance plans that individuals and small businesses will buy will be available in four different packages. These packages will be classified as platinum, gold, silver or bronze. In addition to these four metal packages there will also be the catastrophic plan for people under 30 who are going through a hard time. These different plans will give you options on how much you would like to pay for each month. This means in the silver and bronze plans, you can choose to pay less, but in the event that you need medical care, you will pay more. However, in the gold and platinum plans, you will have to pay more, but that means you will pay less in the event you need medical coverage. The coverage will be broken into ten main categories, which are as follows:

• Hospitalization

• Maternity and newborn care

• Emergency services

• Laboratory services

• Mental health and substance use disorder services, including behavioral health treatment

• Rehabilitative and facilitative services and devices

• Pediatric services, including dental and vision care

• Ambulatory patient services

• Preventive and wellness services and chronic disease management

• Prescription drugs

The next question on your mind might be about the cost about this coverage. California health coverage has made it affordable for you and your family with three different plans. One plan through is through tax credits. The way tax credit works is that they are automatically applied to an insurance premium, thus reducing the amount you pay each month. The next way of saving money would be through cost-sharing subsidies. Cost sharing subsidies will lower the co-pays for health care expenses. The subsidies are based on your household income. The lower your income is, the less your co-pays will be. Thirdly, the state of California is now expanding the Medi-Cal program in 2014. What this entails is a single person who hasan income of less than $15 000, and $31 180 for a family of four will receive the coverage for free. Furthermore, according to the health care reform law or (ACA), employers must continue to comply with the current ACA mandates. They must also get ready to comply with the changes that will come into effect in the future; in particular this year and in 2014.

California health coverage is making these changes to secure the health and wellbeing of Americans. Citizens can begin seeing what plan best suits them as early as today, to help make a smooth transition into the new year. Insurance companies will provide policies to anyone regardless of their health condition, or the plan that they are now. This will be stepping stone to a more secure America.

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