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An Ice Sculpture Design you Would Travel the World to See

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No matter where you live in the world, an ice sculpture is always viewed as a work of art. It takes a combination of timing, temperature and skill to be able to create an intricate design that is able to withstand the elements long enough to be viewed.  While most ice sculptures are viewed on table tops as beautiful centerpieces, there are some that are quite literally larger than life. 

What do you do when you cannot regularly to where the snow is? You bring the snow to you.  Dubai found a fascinating way to do this while creating a world class attraction at the same time. In a country that is too warm for snow, they built an indoor ski resort inside the Mall of Emirates, in of the world’s largest shopping malls. This massive indoor winter wonderland covers 22,500 square feet.  It opened in 2005 and features an 85 meter high mountain with 5 slopes of different difficulties. It is home to the world's first indoor black diamond run.  The mountain is complete with a quad and tow lift.    This resort also features a sled and toboggan run, an ice slide climbing towers an ice cave and giant snowballs. What makes it even more unique is that it is also home to penguins that can be interacted with several times a day.  This fascinating ice sculpture is a complete winter park built into an indoor controlled environment. The temperature is kept at a comfortable level of between -1 to -6 degrees Celsius. Your admission price also includes winter clothes and ski and snowboarding equipment.

Another hands on fascinating ice sculpture experience is visiting an ice hotel.  There are ice hotel accommodations in Japan, Canada and Norway, but this unique idea originated and still exists in Sweden.  The ice hotel in Jukkasjarvi started in 1990.  JannotDerid had an exhibit held in his igloo in the area. Guests that came to visit found that the local accommodations were completely booked and they had no place to stay.  They asked for permission to sleep in the igloo, thus inadvertently creating the first ice hotel. Since then, this ice sculpture has grown into a multi room hotel that houses guests from around the world looking for a unique experience.    The entire hotel is made from blocks of ice from the Torne River.  Everything down to the furniture and dining ware is made from ice.  Quite naturally, the hotel melts every spring and a brand new design is constructed every winter.  Still holding the title of the world’s largest ice hotel, this is one ice sculpture that is worth travelling the world to enjoy.

A well-made ice sculpture will leave lasting memories. Whether it is something to view and enjoy, something to play with or something to play in, ice is a fascinating building material that has endless possibilities.  Its strict temperature requirements create a challenge that many love to accommodate and master.  Ice sculptures are one of those creations what will never fail to fascinate all that come to view it.

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