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Dementia Care Strategies That Really Work

by theodorewong

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Living with someone already suffering from dementia can be taxing for caregivers assigned to them. Over time, these caregivers may lose patience with their wards as they get a bit out of control, and loss of cognitive abilities due to various factors will be detrimental to both sides. Despite a possible breakdown in patient-caregiver communications because of the dementia's progression, there are some practical ways to help dementia care specialists handle their patients. Here are some:

Keeping Simplicity
One thing dementia caregivers should look out for is that their ward might be doing something nonsensical. You have to explain in simple sentences what can happen if they push ahead, allowing them at least to stop. This avoids nasty confrontations that may arise as a result of trying to explain everything to a dementia patient in rational ways – but as dementia gradually deprives the patient of his own judgment, he will still go on.

Going for a White Lie
Stress can be hard for both the patient and the caregiver, especially if the latter is always honest to anyone. When a dementia patient can be adamant about not going to the doctor for consultations, sometimes telling a bit of a lie may work. For instance, you can tell the person that he is going out to eat, and you can make a side trip to the doctor's office with the excuse that it is just next to the dining place.

You must always tell the patient what the two of you will do next. This helps encourage them to look forward to the activity. Asking them about anything is out of the question because you never know how they will respond.

You're Not Superman, You Know
You may have a range of caring skills, but there are times that they will not make a difference when things go to slag. As a result, it is wise to enlist trusted associates whom you can delegate some related tasks that you can't handle at the moment. Never refuse offers to help when they come in.

Signing up for challenging live in care jobs requires a great deal of emotional intelligence and dedication. If the patient is afflicted with any form of dementia, you will have to be at your A-game to make them comfortable as they go through a tough time. For more information, log on to

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