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Tips for keeping your windows crisp and glowing

by swethar

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Windows are the eyes of every home and one of the prime structures. Windows may appear to be clean but look closely when the sun comes out – it will be the breeding ground for germs and thoroughly mismanaged and dusty. This is totally unhygienic. People open the windows to let the fresh air come in, but you aren’t aware that the air that flows in through in windows is actually bringing in infection. While you cannot choose to keep your windows shut all the time, a better option will be to opt for a thorough regular cleaning. Every little smudge, nose print and bee strike shows up in the windows and this makes cleaning a tough task. Howsoever modern technology also provides with the various window cleaning productsand tools that makes your job easier and making homes healthier.

Most people will be using a stainless steel squeegee and cleaning solutions (having vinegar, ammonia and some dishwashing detergent) but it is also important to note that too much use of chemicals too can harm your window and leave behind irreplaceable streaks on the glass and wood frames. As cleaning agents, ammonia is suitable for removing greasy soil and vinegar will do the job of removing hard water spots.

Effective window cleaning techniques

Dirty windows could be wiped up with damp cloth but rubbing on dirt and small stone particles will leave scratches on the beautiful design. Some may use vacuum cleaners for the job. It is important that you don’t flood the window with cleaning solution when you do so. With a squeegee, an angular tilt to the glass will be enough while the rubber blade will take care of the dirt. This leaves cleaned area immediately dry and doesn’t allow dirt drops to trickle beneath. Both paper and cloth could be used to clean windows but ensure that the cleaner doesn’t leave any untouched spots and the whole surface is covered.

Some tips:

  • Don’t clean windows when direct sunlight falls on it. This may make the mop to dry too fast and leave streaks.
  • The exterior of the window should be first dealt with using hose to remove the dirt.
  • Change water and rinse thoroughly.
  • Use vacuum screen to remove the finer dust particles.
  • When you are using window cleaning products allow sufficient time to dry.
  • Squeegees don’t work on textured glasses and the gaps in the design are left untouched.
  • If possible, use the new micro fiber cloths as they provide quality results.

Choose a time when you are feeling fresh and don’t have much to do around the household. Cleaning the windows this way will get easier and less boring. Various household cleaning products too can be used if you are out of regular chemicals buy are willing to take up the mop.

In cases other than households, window cleaning is the job of professionals and the demand for quality cleaners are increasing day by day.

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