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Reasons why China and America have Different Food Habits

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America and China have different geographical, social and cultural background which effects there cooking and eating habits. The population and financial situation of these two countries also contribute in developing their food habits. Generally the food culture of any country can be traced back to many years, may be as far as their origin.

There is a lot of food difference between China and America, this includes their cooking style, eating habits, type of food, dining culture etc. These differences are majorly influenced by their life style and population.

The major food difference between China and America is that, Chinese people eat rice and wheat as the main course. Where as Americans are into a lot of meat which constitutes their main meal. This has a lot to do with the weather if these two places, the Chinese whether requires its residents to have a lot of carbohydrate to maintain their health and stamina. Americans on the other hand can afford to survive mostly on meat. Another reason for this difference is the population of these two countries. America with fewer population can afford meat as their main course which is an expensive food source, however, China would require something more cost effective yet filling for its huge population, which is rice and wheat.

Chinese food will have a lot of vegetables and soups in their course, unlike the Americans. Chinese people try to incorporate a variety of taste since their main course cannot be eaten with out a side dish. This also adds a lot of food value to their diet.

The Americans on the other hand do not include a lot of vegetables in their regular meals, their main course does not need a side dish or any support like the rice or wheat that the Chinese eat. Meat, in various forms, which is their staple diet is cooked in such a way that it can be eaten all by itself.

Another major food difference between China and America that is noticed by everyone is in their beverages. Chinese people consume a lot of tea, whereas, Americans swear by coffee. The main reason for this difference, apart from culture and lifestyle, is the availability factor. Any place picks up eating habits that are determined by the resources available to them. Americans started to drink coffee because that was more readily available, while Chinese people stuck to their ample tea resources.

These were some of the food difference between China and America, apart from these they have many other dining and eating differences. Yet, these two countries love and enjoy the cuisine of the other.

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