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Get Backlinks with the Best Strategies to Overcome Panda Upd

by anonymous

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Worried about the panda updates, the big G has proposed? Are you still following the age old strategies for SEO? Have your websites lost all their rankings recently due to the Google updates? These are the things going into the mind of the people concerned about the rankings of their websites. Actually SEO is something which is not only about ranking but also to increase prospective traffic to your website. Most of us are concerned about the ROI while investing for SEO. Strategic Link Building is one such thing in SEO which not only helps to achieve ranking but also generates traffic and increases the popularity on the web.


But what is Strategic Link Building? The answer is to get good quality links to your website. Those links should come from very relevant websites. Get backlinks in a very strategic way. The links should come from much authenticated websites which should match with the information present in your site. If one is trying to get backlinks from good websites then sometimes it is convenient to buy backlinks. Building links from good websites is like getting good feedback from a trusted friend who is well established and thus the value of the website to which the link is coming is getting increased and consecutively getting promotion. Some of the strategies for good link building are listed below.


Guest Posting:


This is a very trustworthy way of building links. The concept is actually writing for others blog or website. The blog or website must within your niche. Before doing that, the popularity of the blog should be checked because as your only purpose is to get backlinksand after getting that your popularity will also going to get increased. The direct result is much increased in traffic. People will enjoy reading your article and will get interested to find out what is present in your site or blog. This is considered as one way link building and is very accepted mode of building good quality links. But sometimes you have to buy backlinks of this type as many people virtually sell links to others which is not accepted.


Blog Commenting:


Some popular blogs or websites allow others to comment on a specific article that is posted. Hence a sort of much related discussion happens within that page. Some does this just to share view while others have the sole motive to generate links from those comments. The comments should be very much related to the article and should not be written only to get backlinks but also must be related to the article or content for which they write as giving link solely depends on the moderator of the website or blog whether to approve or not. However this is a very natural way of link building which is good.


RSS feed directory submission:


Submitting your content to RSS feed submission is just like putting the auto pilot switch of the airplane. RSS feed submission once installed it will give automated ways to get backlinks for all the future contents that will be published from your blog.


Infographic submission:


Create an image or infographic and have to share within the social media. Though this does not generate actual backlink but can bring you good amount traffic.


Author Bio


The author of this article have spent years doing research on SEO activities and have carried SEO works personally. The ways mentioned above to get backlinks have been tried and tested several times that yielded good results. He have participated in acts to buy backlinks also.

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