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TripGems lets you discover hidden gems around the world

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SEPT 6TH, 2013 - AMSTERDAM, THE NETHERLANDS. brings the collective travel wisdom together. It allows you to ask your friends for travel tips, find things to do and get deals on your next destination.Travel guides, internet forums and advice from friends and family, it can be an exhausting process getting the right advice on where to go and what to see on your next adventure. TripGems enables users to discover the secrets of a country that don’t make it into the travel guides.Maarten Munster one of the co-founders of TripGems explains, “With 38% of travellers basing their choice of destination on recommendation (TravelSat), we wanted to create a platform dedicated to the personal experiences of friends and family where recommendations were reliable, accessible and could be shared without restriction.”TripGems focuses entirely on the events and activities at your destination. When you have selected a destination your friends and the TripGems community are invited to give you their tips. Conversely, it lets you keep track of your own adventures, recording your destination and experience to share with other reviewers.Its goal is to become the largest most relevant travel recommendation database on the web. “We truly believe that unlocking the best travel tips and making this information more accessible to travellers is really valuable”. Maarten continues. “Looking for the bespoke adventures that aren’t always found in the guidebooks, TripGems allows the user to see how much more a country has to offer”Since its inception in June 2013, TripGems’ user base has been growing 10% week-over-week and users are adding 3-4 four tips on average without encouraging them. After the first month, it caught the attention of eFuture, an incubator that some seed capital to further develop the concept. The start-up is selected for the ALPHA stage at Web Summit - World’s largest tech event in October, it has also been nominated for the Accenture Innovation Awards in the Netherlands. The company recently added special deals on activities and will launch a mobile app in the near future. “We are off to a great start, but only by connecting more and more travellers we can really make TripGems an incredible resource”

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