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Dual Sim Phones—A Better Alternative To Single Sim Phones

by richasnikon

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Dual SIM phones are a better alternative to single SIM phones as they are able to give you more at the price of one. In fact, they are now outselling their single compatriot. In a single network supported phone you have limited options, if you get stuck with one problem you just get stuck with it unless the problem gets solved in any way. But in dual SIM mobile phones you always have two options to choose from and it rarely happens that both the options go off at the same time. This means if one option is not working, you can switch over to another option.

There are many dual network supported handset options available to anyone today. The best advantage of it is that it allows dual standby options for two SIM cards at the same time. This means that if the coverage network one is not working you can switch over to another to send and receive calls. This puts you in a better position than having a single network supported handset.

The advantages of the dual network supported sets are not limited to this only. In fact, they do more: they entertain as well. They can also be a smart phone and have all the features that are generally found in smart phones, for instance, internet options, faster operating system, touch features and advanced camera options, etc.

The other major advantage associated with these kinds of sets is that you can also use one network for roaming and save your costs. So whenever you are out of your local network, you can replace your secondary network with your roaming network and enjoy the benefits of the local network. Having dual SIM mobile phones in India, therefore, means saving on the costs of another mobile. This also means getting freed from the burden of carrying two handsets.

You can also use two networks for the benefit of keeping your professional and personal life detached from each other. You can use one network purely for professional purpose, that is, to receive your official calls, while another for personal use, to receive calls from your loved and known ones. What’s more you can also turn off the network that you don’t want to use at any time, thus saving yourself from the unwanted calls or disturbance. There are many cost-effective options available to you in this segment in the market.


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