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Stay Silent After An Arrest, Says a Prominent Philadelphia-A

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Philadelphia, PA,September 2, 2013:According to the latest FBI reports, property and violent crimes in Philadelphia are still well ahead of national averages despite a recent downward trend. And with all this criminal activity, it’s important for city residents to know their rights and how to use them, says criminal defense attorney Joe Mitchell. Especially for those accused and arrested of a criminal act, knowing and using their right to stay silent during a police interrogation could mean the difference between a guilty and not-guilty verdict.

“Don’t say anything to the police if you’re arrested,” Mitchell says. “They have the right to ask for your identification and a right to ask questions. However, you don’t have to answer.


Mitchell has practiced criminal defense law in the area for more than 20 years. His experience has shown him how the police use trickery and intimidation to get statements from suspects. “I’ve seen person after person fall for the same line: ‘Just tell us what happened and we’ll let you go.’ Or on the other side: ‘If you don’t tell us what happened, you’ll be put away for 10 to 20.’ My message is simple: don’t give a statement unless you have an attorney.”


His comments on the topic are published on his website: He also clears up the confusion surrounding when Miranda Rights are issued. “People ask me all the time: ‘Why didn’t they read me my rights?’ The so-called ‘reading the rights’ only comes into play after an arrest and before an interrogation. If they do that, they have to read you your rights…And if that happens, always ask for a lawyer.”


The advice is timely considering the data presented in the FBI reports. Despite a sizable decrease in crime rates over the past decade, Philadelphia’s violent crime rate is still three times larger than the national average. Its property crime rate is higher as well. In fact, motor vehicle theft rates are twice as high as the national average.


Mitchell’s office handles criminal cases in a multitude of practice areas, from drugs to fraud to juvenile offenses. This diversity of knowledge has led him to surpass client expectations with not-guilty verdicts or lenient punishments. “We treat every one of our clients like family, he says. “We research and investigate, we formulate outstanding legal strategies and tactics for all of our clients in Greater Philadelphia.”


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