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Why real Italian gelato dessert is not the sugary dessert, we call Italian ice cream 

Are you looking for a good gelato? Did you know Italy is the one country in the world where homemade gelato served by street vendors outnumbers commercial vendors? While many Americans may not be able to travel to Italy, there is a next best thing – intense flavored gelato made in small batches and served from a refrigerated cooler. If you are too timid to try making your own gelato, where can you find good gelato? 

The trick to finding good gelato at a commercial gelato shop or otherwise, is to know what constitutes bold, rich tasting gelato. Does the gelato maker use the richest flavors for their gelato and fresh fruits? Because gelato is softer than regular ice cream, this is important. Gelato can melt faster. It’s richer than ice cream (ice cream is made with up to 50 percent more air), thus is fitting for customers whohave time to enjoy gelato unhurried. 

“Italian ice cream” made of different recipe than ice cream traditionally

Both ice cream and gelato use milk, sugar, and eggs. This may be where the similarities end for the two. Ice cream is unlike the traditional gelato made from an Italian gelato recipe. Besides the fact ice cream contains more air than the traditional Italian gelato recipe, the U.S. Department of Agriculture also regulates it. There is no standard set forth for commercially based gelato makers or an Italian gelato recipe. However, some gelato makers have gone so far as to have their product certified internationally. 

Homemade gelatos may add more water than some commercially based dessert makers. They also may use powered milk and regular milk to make their product bases. While gelato must have at least 3.5 percent butterfat in Italy (by statue), there is no upper limit to the butterfat or sugar used in any Italian gelato recipe in the United States. Gelato and premium ice cream have roughly 12 to 16 percent of butterfat. Depending on its maker, it can have as much sugar as a traditional ice cream flavor. In some cases, milk-based Italian gelato recipes made in the US may contain as much as 24 percent sugar. This exceeds the limits Italy places on its Italian gelato recipe, with a minimum of 3.5 percent butterfat. Depending on the maker, you may be able to find gelato that is both intense in flavor and not overly sweet.

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