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Got Bedbugs? Call the NYC Pest Extermination Experts!

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Bedbugs are horrible, blood sucking parasites, and once you have them, there is no doubt that nothing else will matter to you except getting rid of them. So, the question is, can you kill them? Yes, you can - but, not effectively enough to make a difference. You can spray, but they’ll survive mostly. You can dust, bomb and swat…all with the same end result. These pests are tough. Don’t take it too hard, though. After all, these guys have evolution on their side. Over millennia, they have become very adept at survival.

Statistics show a dramatic 500% increase in reported bedbug cases over the last few years, and experts are predicting no end in site. Bedbugs are true globetrotters, making an appearance in virtually every temperate climate across the globe.

But how did they spread so rapidly? Experts agree that the bedbug is an accomplished stow-away traveler, imbedding themselves in luggage, inside aircraft passenger cabins and baggage compartments, on cruise ships, in hotels, taxis, buses and even on travelers clothing and shoes. Add this to the fact that bedbugs are eminently prolific breeders, and you have your answer.

So, what should you do? First and foremost, immediately call in the pros ay Expert Exterminating, a leader in all forms of NYC bedbug extermination and other pest eradication services since 1983. Based on the degree of infestation we find, we will always apply the right combination of pesticides and strategies to deal with it effectively.

The other thing you can do, both before an infestation as a preventative, and if necessary, after one, is to encase your bedding. A variety of companies offer top quality anti-bedbug mattresses, box springs and pillow covers. Contact our specialists at Expert Exterminating, as we can recommend a variety of these items for your needs.

At Expert Exterminating, we have been offering highly effective NYC pest extermination services for an ever-growing list of residential and commercial clients.Expert Exterminating has been serving New York's Pest Control, Bedbug Control, Termite Control, and Wildlife Control needs for more than three decades. We pride ourselves on our quality reputation and welcome you to learn more about our service offerings. After all, when choosing a New York Pest Control professional to protect your largest investment from damaging pests, you want to know you’ve got the best available. With Expert Exterminating, you can count on it! That’s our Expert Promise.

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