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Outdoor – The Supreme Market for your Brand!

by tdiindianew

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Treat your brand like your own friend and let it stroll out through an outdoor advertising campaign because outdoor ads are much in trend in the market.

Today, anywhere in the world outdoor ads are creating a huge impact upon advertising industry. With the induction of digital media, the facet of outdoor advertising even in India has observed a comprehensive change. The tools, techniques and modes of outdoor advertising have been renovated and revamped with a sophisticated touch of technology. What is more interesting to observe around is that brand owners are presently utilizing maximum of the available outdoor advertising tools and techniques.

A brand is an image or a conception in consumer’s mind and influencing the mindset of the consumers involves a compelling communication. Outdoor advertising is one perfect means to provide this impact upon the customer’s mind. Through an outdoor ad campaign, the advertiser can highlight the unique promise of value and trust on behalf of the brand to ensure that it stands apart from its competitors. Any advertising campaign is directed to provide a lasting impression about the brand upon the customers. Outdoor ads are one of the best options to accomplish this target.

Outdoor advertisers deploy numerous strategies to carry out a successful outdoor advertisingcampaign. A successful outdoor campaign in fact requires a wide range of tools, devices and strategies. Let us have a look at some of the latest tools which are widely used in modern outdoor advertising-

-          Backlit Translites(H/V)

-          Backlit Scroller

-          Pillar Sites

-          Pillar wraps

-          Pole Kiosks

-          Baggage Trolleys

-          Aero-Bridges

-          Trivision

-          Scroller

-          Revolving Show window

-          Product Display /Space

-          Overhead Gantry(Front lit /Backlit)

-          Digital Display

-          Traffic Direction Pole

-          Street Light Pole Kiosk

-          Tree Guards

-          Water Tank Display

-          Front lit Hoarding

-          Backlit Billboard

-          Time & Temperature Unipole (Backlit/Front lit)

-          360 Revolving Trivision

-          FID(Flight Information Display)

-          Car Display



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