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Asian Wedding Traditions – Rituals & Blessings

by luciezhang

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Asia is rich in cultural heritage and diversion as a result of its civilization and influences with others. However, they have their own identity helping them shape their living and lifestyle. Also, these have a big part towards influencing other countries’ civilization and living. In some aspects of Asian’s life, there are rich and precious things that can be seen. It makes them unique and well-known in some part of the world. In fact, Asian wedding differs based on how it is celebrated, some traditions followed, and rituals as well.

Marriage in Asia is celebrated to magnify romantic love and beauty. This adds to the color and excitement to the sacred celebration. Likewise, it provides a good and pleasant environment in celebration together with family, relatives, and friends. Seemingly, respective country in Asian has their color motif in wedding as its own. In China, people observed red as a color of dresses and other things to be used in the occasion. From table cloth, decorations, and other materials, red is followed as color. They believe it is a color of joy and luck. Indeed, experiencing Chinese wedding celebration has to do with wearing a red dresses.


In chinese wedding, white is not the color of used unlike with some other part of Asia or other countries around the world where white as common color for this kind of momentous occasion. Thus, in China, white is used for funeral to observed solemnity and peace. In honoring couples ancestor, they practice tea ceremony. It is a beautiful ceremony and entices guests because of the educational and entertainment value you can get from it.

When it comes to the reception, some Asian countries have different approaches. In Indonesia, with more than 1, 000 guests invited, the bride and groom have to greet them before the reception begins. Some part of Asia celebrated it 3-5 days with enjoyment. Full of joy and color celebration witnessing the wedding in India added to the cultural heritage. Also, couple is painted with henna as tradition where various designs and art can be found that lasts for few weeks.There are also symbols used in various Asian wedding. In India, couple holds each others’ hand pouring them with grains as a representation of wealth, good health, and blessings. But, it is not advisable for the couple to meet or see each other few days before the wedding because they believe that it will result to unfavorable circumstances. Similarly, in the ceremony, bride’s feet are washed with water and milk by their parents as the sign of preparing her to a new life. It begins a new journey that the couple needs to undertake with the new challenge of life.


No matter what believes, traditions, and rituals they observed and followed, countries in Asia shared in common goal. That is, to unite them together. The bride and groom hold one another’s hand to begin new life together and face new challenges. A promise to love one another with the spirit, guidance, and commitment to God.

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