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Popcorn for popcorn machines

by ePopcorn

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Why popcorn from an industrial to at-home popcorn machine puts the ‘P’ in Party

America and the UK both have huge cravings for popcorn. While everyone likes to receive tins of unique flavors of popcorn as presents (such as chocolate, buttered, cheddar, jalapeno, and kettle corn), popcorn is not just for gift giving. Nightclubs too, are taking advantage of popcorn. This (usually) buttered snack is for more than just eating, as people around the globe are now hosting popcorn themed parties. 


If you are not thrilled about having popcorn blow out across the dance floor from a popcorn machine, then you can always invite friends over to have a popcorn tasting party, with several delicious popcorn flavors bought online, or popcorn you have made in your own family-friendly popcorn machine. Having your own popcorn machine gives you the luxury of making your own fresh popped corn as you crave it. If your guests enjoy flavors, you can try powdered cheddar or sour cream and onion. Guests will enjoy having their own popcorn box (just like in a movie theater), while relaxing with an evening of conversation and perhaps a bit of champagne paired with each popcorn-flavored treat.


Only one type of corn produces the popcorn we love


This is not to say that there aren’t hybrids of this specialized corn. Zea mays is the only kind of corn that pops. However, there are hundreds of hybrids produced each year. Some of the most popular varieties of hybrids beyond the yellow or white hull-less popcorn that are used in many a family or business popcorn machine is: strawberry popcorn, black popcorn, and calico popcorn (the latter made of red, blue, white, and yellow kernels). Though its kernels may appear to look like red strawberries, the strawberry popcorn does not taste like strawberries coming out of a popcorn machine.


Did you know a major producer such as Orville Redenbacher employs scientists to pollinate the kernels by hand? The kernels are then grown and used as seed to produce some 30,000 new hybrid varieties each year. These varieties are then sold to vendors around the world. This should allow you ample room to find six or seven different varieties of popcorn kernels to fill your popcorn machines. Invite guests to help with the process and have fun deciding which flavorings to add to their own box or bag of popcorn for popcorn machines.


Who says popcorn can’t be enjoyed regularly? Whether it shoots across the floor out of a popcorn machine or is used at a home taste-testing party to see which hybrids pop better and which flavors guests enjoy more, popcorn is fun for everyone!

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