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Have Peace of Mind with Reliable Alarm Systems from Phoenix

by rachellesuezo

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Despite its efforts to minimize crime, law enforcement in Phoenix still regularly receives cases of theft and burglary. As of May 2013, nearly every street and neighborhood in the city has reported at least one incidence of property crime. This is despite the fact that Phoenix is still relatively safer than the rest of Arizona, thus home security remains a huge concern here.

Luckily, there are plenty of companies that offer alarm systems in Phoenix to give homeowners and tenants a fighting chance against criminals who wish to break into their properties. These systems tend to vary in terms of the devices they use and the services they provide to people. However, they can be roughly categorized as either one of two types: monitored or unmonitored security systems.

Monitored Systems The systems are named as such since they are actively and constantly supervised by the companies that offer them. Whenever an alarm is sounded, it is the companies' job to contact their customer as well as the relevant authorities (i.e. police or fire department) about the situation. Unlike unmonitored systems, these devices incur a regular service charge that the customer must pay.

While they are indeed more expensive than unmonitored devices, monitored systems give people a better sense of security since they know somebody else is watching out for them. The guaranteed response of the authorities also helps. Aside from warning customers of break-ins and fires, these systems can also be configured to do other things like watch over toddlers left inside the house.

Unmonitored Systems Arguably, these are the more cost-effective security systems in Phoenix since people don't have to pay for them over a long period of time. This affordability is also apparent in their ease of installation and convenience of use; in fact, most unmonitored systems are designed to be installed and operated by one person only. Whether they are security cameras or simple burglar alarms, unmonitored systems are only intended to scare off criminals rather than assist in their capture; quite the opposite of monitored devices.

Security can come in various forms, but they shouldn't be relied on entirely before one can have peace of mind. In the end, a person's vigilance can trump even the most advanced security system in existence. To learn more about home security devices, visit:


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