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The Perisher Valley Ski Resort is located within New South Wales, Australia in the vicinity of Smiggin Holes. This place is open only in winter which is why it is an ideal winter getaway for Australian denizens. Skiers have known the attraction of Smiggin Holes as a skiing destination since around 1939 which is why many New South Wales residents are familiar with Smiggin Holes.


Take note that the winter season ends annually after September so it is ideal if you make your reservations at the resort well in advance. There are different vacation deals that you can take advantage of for your perisher valley ski resort at Perisher Valley. An adult (described as those at least 15 years of age) and a child (described as those aged at least 5 years of age) are accepted as guests at the resort. Some vacation deals are open to both adults and children such as the lift tickets, the lift and lesson package, the Smiggins bundle, the Blue Cow bundle, the Max6 lift and lesson package, and the Skitube.


There is also the 5-Day Any-Day Lift Ticket deal which is open to guests who want to go skiing or snowboarding. With this package an adult can pay $499 and choose the five days in the winter season that the guest would like to use the Lift Ticket. In return, the resort will give approximately 13% discount to the guest on the price of a one day Lift Ticket. This package deal will cost $275 if the guest is a child under the same terms as the adult package. You do not need to choose consecutive days for your 5-Day pick – meaning you can choose different days separated from one another by other days to avail of the package.


One nice aspect of taking your family snow holidays nsw at this resort is that you can always make your arrangements online rather than go all the way to the resort office to make reservations. You can find the right accommodations for your vacation by visiting this link Be sure to specify the desired amenities of your lodging place such as use of a bath tub, use of electric heating, use of the dishwasher, or even air-conditioning. It is also important to notify the resort in advance if you intend to bring along your family pets to the resort.

Plum Pine Rd,
Smiggin Holes
NSW, 2624
Bookings: 6457 5365

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