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How eBooks Have Saved Reading

by rixcroltd

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Books have always played an important role in our evolutionary path. As guardians of information they helped us keep record of our findings, in all fields of knowledge, from science to philosophy, literature or history, and pass them on to others.

Along with playing many roles, that of best friend and companion included, books have changed both readers’ minds and their own appearance and style with the passing of time.

In past years, a massive decline in book reading was pointed out, as paperbacks have been replaced by Radio, TV and the Internet. The increase in versatility of choice and public access to TV and the Internet have literary smothered the paperback industry.

Well, until eBooks were invented that is.

In case you don’t know what an eBook is, the term eBook (also spelled as e book, ebook or e-book ) stands for electronic book and it refers to any book that is available in digital form. Some eBooks are simply the electronic variant of a paperback, while some books are solely published in electronic copy.

EBooks were first regarded with disbelief by a large segment of the public, and their chances for success were surrounded by plenty of doubt. But time has proved negative critics wrong, and recently published sales statistics have done so as well.

Since eBooks came out, they have been rapidly gaining a broader and broader public world-wide. Proof to this is the fact that in 2012 the eBook market was valued at $374.8 million in the US alone.

This year things are looking even brighter, with the Association of American Publishers (AAP) announcing a 5% market growth, from $374.8 to $393.6 million in the States. These days almost any book that comes in print is launched together with a downloadable eBook version.

How have eBooks saved reading you might ask? Well, for one, eBooks have made reading cool again by bringing it to the new age of wide range technological developments. EBooks have taken reading from a deadlock, dusted it off and introduced it to the “.com Era”.

You might counter by saying that being able to buy books online was possible before also. That’s true, but the difference is that now, when you buy books online, they arrive at your place in the space of seconds, wherever you are and whenever you decide to make a purchase.

An online bookshop is also a much less costly place to shop compared to a real-life one. Buying EBooks online means buying cheap books online, as they sometimes cost even 90% less compared to paperbacks.

There you have it: eBooks have made reading more accessible, much cheaper and way cooler! Visit for the best offers on eBooks and start building your own virtual library!

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