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Discover 6 Tips to Improve Your Quickness on Court

by gisellemartin

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Have you ever prayed for an unforced error by your opponents, because you know you are not quick enough to get to the next shot?
Here you will discover some secrets tips on how to become a faster and more agile on the tennis court.

It is normal that some players are naturally faster, than others, and some will have to work harder in order to improve their quickness on court. Court quickness is highly trainable, it is proven that players can improve their movement on court, the key is the right tennis fitness program. Quickness on court is the ability to rapidly change direction without losing speed, balance, or body control.
Six Important factors to consider, when training and developing speed and agility drills:
1. Perform your speed and agility drills between 5-10sec - Studies show in a match, 78% points played are under 7 sec (depending on the surface).
2. Contain three to five short directional changes - Studies show, players seldom run more than 8-9 meters in one direction during a point.
3. Predictable and unpredictable drills – Players can learn to anticipate the next movement when drills are predictable, so it's imperative that some of your speed and agility drills have that unpredictable element.
4. Lateral drills – Studies show in a match, 48% of a players movement is sideways, so the ability to rapidly change direction laterally, is important so that you have time to set up for your next shot.
5.Tennis players always carry their racket, so perform the majority of drills holding a tennis racquet
6. Design drills so that players simulate the same rest period during a match - Studies show, players rest for 20-25 seconds between points and 90 seconds on changeovers. Try to mimic this work / rest periods for your tennis agility drills.
7. When performing your speed and agility drills, move with intensity. Imagine each drill you are performing are grand slam finals match points. That can be the difference to becoming a complete player. To stimulate your neuromuscular system and recruit your fast twitch fibres you need to perform the drills at 100%. 'Train how you play' and as we say "Train like a Pro, Play like a Pro"

Remember fitness training for tennis needs to include both on and off court work. Working on court alone will not be enough. It is important for players to implement a Strength tennis training program, and once you have developed a good strength foundation, follow a power tennis training program.

Speed, quickness and agility Tennis exercises can be performed on and off the court. They can be fun drills, which you can be included in every fitness program for tennis.
Once a player follows a effective and a specific fitness program for tennis, and implements the above speed and quickness tips, you will see your movement on court improve dramatically.

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