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Men’s trunks and what they are about

by anonymous

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These days most men have at least one pair of men's trunks to their name. It took many years for trunks and shorts in general to be accepted as fashionable by men. This might have had something to do with the history of shorts. In the past, shorts were considered inferior clothing by men and they were thus left for boys to wear as school uniform. Grownup men did not fancy shorts at all unless they were forced to go to very hot places where they’d grudgingly wear the shorts. The army turned to shorts in the Second World War partly to ration cloth which was scarce as a result of the war and for the comfort of men fighting in the sweltering tropics. Even though most soldiers may have detested their pairs of shorts, shorts gained some level of acceptance among men.

Wearing shorts was thereafter confined to sports such as tennis and soccer and athletes rarely wore them away from the lawns and pitches. Nevertheless, with time, people started wearing them casually and the trend caught on. Shorts have become very fashionable and are now available in a variety of styles with men's trunks being quite popular.

One good thing with men's trunks is that they are very versatile. One can comfortably swim in men's trunks underwear especially during summer months when it’s very hot. Men's trunks underwear can also be worn when one is privately sunning himself at the poolside or at the beach. They may however not be very appropriate in more public places on account of their size and the fact that sporting a pair of men's trunks underwear in public is not very polite. Bigger trunks offer more options. One can wear them even in public places as they provide better cover for the body. Men can wear trunks on the beach, by the pool, while playing beach sports, and so on, in complete comfort.

Wearing men's trunks has a boyish feel to it. In fact, wearing trunks is touted to men as a way of getting in touch with the young lads inside themselves. Perhaps this is one reason why trunks are frowned upon in more formal places like the office and church where people are expected to be serious.

Men are spoilt for choice when it comes to trunks considering the many designs and colours available in the market. The important thing when choosing a pair of men's trunks underwear is to find a pair that fits well - one that you can comfortably go about your every activity in.


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