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Give Bohemian European Glass as a Treasured Gift

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When searching for that ideal present, do not forget Bohemian Crystal Glass, which will make your gift one-of-a-kind and individual, to surely be born in mind for many years.

The decorative Bohemian European crystal glass comes from Bohemia & Silesia; part of the Czechoslovakian Republic which used to be called Czechoslovakia, though they were once included in the Austro-Hungarian Empire. The earliest archaeological excavations of making sites are dated around 1250, revealing that Bohemian glass has been produced since at least the 13th century.

Glass workers in and round Bohemia discovered a brand-new kind of crystal glass after integrating potash and chalk; this crystal glass was more stable than other kinds of glass and went on to be utilized in the production of Bohemian European glass. The expert craftsmen in those times were able to mould this malleable glass; cutting and etching it into unique patterns and colours.

Bohemian crystal glass is now mass created and exported worldwide, and has been so since the late 1800s; allowing consumers all over the globe to enjoy the appeal of this item. The designs that embellish crystal glass products like vases are made by using enamel and other metals, and the clever art of reverse painting is made use of on the back of a sheet of crystal glass, which if flipped exposes the picture to be framed.

A very popular product made in Bohemian crystal glass is the Druk bead, a small crystal glass bead measuring between 3 and 81 mm and made use of in the main as a spacer in jewelry design.

Significantly sought-after are the Jungendstil or Art Nouveau pieces, especially the sea shell or tree trunk formed vases, and the water jug and goblets sets.

Loetz is a name widely associated with Bohemian European glass, as he placed first in the 1889 Paris exhibit and his Phanomen collection featured a unique feathery look from winding hot glass strings round molten glass, to later pull on the strings to form wavy lines on the malleable glass.

While collector's pieces will be really pricey, there are pieces of Bohemian European glass that are more easily paid for, to make gifts that will be valued for a long time. Visit their online store to make onlien order for vases for collectors.

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