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Enjoy authentic Parisian cuisine while staying in Paris rent

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The beauty of Paris is not just confined to its history, or its wealth of attractions. Its beauty also lies on its people. Parisians are known for being passionate and friendly. They are also regarded for coming up with highly delectable meals. Parisian cuisine is well-loved around the world, with meals like croque monsieur, quiche, crepes, escargot, onion soup, among others.  These foods are best enjoyed by tourists staying in Paris apartment rentals. Guests in Paris who stay in Paris rental apartments are more likely to experience authentic Parisian cuisine compared to those who stay in hotels, and even eat these foods like how Parisians do it- right in the comforts of their homes.


Croque monsieur is the French’s version of grilled cheese sandwich. It is a grilled sandwich with a ham on the inside and a cheese on the outside. A sunny-side-up egg is also added on top. It is often sold by crepe stands and eaten as a snack. Another favorite snack in Paris is the quiche, particularly the quiche Lorraine that is made up of egg, cheese, cream and ham.


For people who are adventurous, escargots are something very intriguing, Escargots are served with snails still in the shells cooked in a sumptuous butter sauce. Tourists or anyone who eats it will be given a special utensil to hold onto the shells and pull out the snails. Escargots are pretty interesting for any traveler, who should also like eating a steak tartare. This is a finely chopped raw beef marinated in alcohol and seasoned to perfection.


Another popular meal in Paris is the omelet. However, the omelet is not a food for breakfast. It is a light lunch that is paired with salad. Tourists in Paris will also love the onion soup, or also the “French onion soup” for those who are outside of France. This is a broth full of beef and onion, cooked until becoming tender and sweet. The broth is then topped with cheese and then baked in an oven.

These are just some of the foods that tourists in Paris have to taste when they are in the city. These foods are best experienced by those who stay in Paris rental apartments. These foods can even be prepared by guests in Paris staying in Paris apartment rentals, enabling them to experience firsthand how it is to taste fine Paris foods right in the comforts of their Paris apartments. For more information on apartments in Paris, visit Paris address at


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