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Family-Friendly Activities for Visitors Staying in Rome

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Rome, Italy is often seen by most as a destination for adults, given its share of historical and religious sites. However, the reality is that the city is also very family-friendly with a large number of attractions that appeal to both the young and the old. Families that want to spend time in this fascinating city can save money by renting apartments in Rome, Italy. Rome apartment rentals are much more affordable than hotels. The money that families save by staying in Rome apartments can instead be used to visit the best family attractions in the city.

One of the best places for families to spend a day in Rome is the Bioparco, the city’s zoo. Founded in 1908, the zoo boasts of more than 1,200 animals and 194 species. It has an area of 17 acres in the heart of the city. The zoo has strongly supported the conservation of species held in captivity. Children aged 3 to 12 years old are charged 6.5 Euros for entrance while adults have to pay 9 Euros. It is open to the public from 9:30 to 5:00 pm in the winter and 9:30 to 6:00 pm in the summer months.

Another must-see destination for the family is the Il Fantastico Mondo del Fantastico, a theme park that is just 15 kilometers from the center of the city. This theme park is open only on Sundays and public holidays. It has themed activities that feature characters as popular as Batman, Spiderman, Aladdin, Red Riding Hood and Alice in Wonderland. Entrance is 9 Euros for children aged 3 to 11 years old and 11 Euros for adults.

For families who prefer indoor activities, the Time Elevator should be on the top of their lists. This time machine has become one of the most visited attractions in Rome, as it offers visitors the chance to revisit the checkered history of the city. As visitors board this time machine, they will be treated to an audio and visual feast featuring special effects and a motion base platform.

With the expenses that families will incur while visiting the aforementioned attractions, they will surely find staying in apartments in Rome, Italy very practical. Rome apartment rentals provide families with more affordable accommodations. Instead of spending a lot on hotels, families can instead use their savings for these and other family-friendly activities. More details on apartment rentals in Rome can be found online at


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