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Shopping for a Vibrator – What You Need to Know

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Shopping for a new sex toy can be a little daunting if you factor in all the varieties, types, and materials available. When it comes to a finding the perfect vibrator for you, you'll need to know all your pleasure preferences, which may require some on-you-own research. It's easy just to buy any vibrator and hope it will do the job. To prevent buyer's remorse, you'll need to know foremost just what kind of stimulation you enjoy best. From there you can peruse the other options, like material and extra functions. Don't let the vast selection of vibrators for women intimidate you. Choosing the right one can be easy, fun, and affordable if you take a little time to weigh your options.

Know Your Hot Spots

The main question you should ask your self before buying a vibrator is what you want to use it for. If you want to use it only on your clitoris, you can narrow your search down to bullet or wand vibrators for women. If you enjoy penetration along with clitoral stimulation, a rabbit vibrator might be the way to go. Alternatively, you can find vibrators meant only for vaginal insertion if that's what works for you. You can even purchase anal vibrators if that's the type of stimulation you crave the most. When it comes to anal play, however, be aware that it's safest to use a vibrator made specifically for anal insertion.

Material Can Make a Difference

Vibrators come in a selection of types, designs, and materials that can be mind boggling. For some women, the crucial difference between an okay vibrator and one that can really rock your world is the material it's made out of. It's a matter of personal preference. Hard shell vibrators, made of a type of hard plastic, can deliver stronger vibrations than softer vibrators that are powered by the same kind of vibrators. Anal vibrators are usually also hard shell. Hard shell toys can also come in glass form (Pyrex), which can be cooled or heated to give you a more intense sensation. When it comes to maintenance, hard shell vibrators are also very easy to keep clean.

Vibrators for women also come made with softer materials. Some of the most popular types are those made out of 100 percent silicone, because silicone is clean, safe, and hypoallergenic. Vibrators made of jelly are also quite popular. Vibrators made from silicone or jelly material will often deliver better insertion stimulation. Latex and cyberskin vibrators for women mimic the texture of real skin, which can add a realistic element to your play. However, these types of toys often require more maintenance in order to maintain their texture.

What Kind of Vibration Makes a Good Vibration?

Most vibrators for women are either battery powered or plug-in powered. Battery powered vibrators can deliver powerful sensations, but can also drain batteries at a swift rate. Plug in vibrators can provide you with intense vibrations over long amounts of time for extended play. To discover which is best, evaluate what gives you the best orgasms when you masturbate. If you require light touches on the clit as opposed to firm rubbing, you might prefer battery powered toys. A plug in toy, like a wand, can give you heavy, uninterrupted vibrations. If you're looking for an anal vibrator, you should take care to use one meant only for anal insertion to avoid injury. Most vibrators for women will come with different settings so you'll be able to play around and find just the right intensity level for you.

Your quest to find a perfect vibrator might take a little research, but in the end, you'll want to purchase a toy that's long lasting and meets all your orgasm-inducing requirements. Whether you choose from one of the many anal vibrators, rabbit vibrators, or clitoral vibrators, it's vital that you take the time to consider if a toy will give you a climax in the best way, as opposed to one that only delivers a mediocre performance.

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