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What does liposuction do for you?

by gregore

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Liposuction Can Rock Your World

Are you tired of your protruding tummy and flabby thighs? Does a double chin have you feeling as if Thanksgiving is coming early? Is your bottom just a bit too bulgy? Are your hips starting to look more balloon like than hip? Are your clothes ill fitting, and is it hard to match tops with bottoms because your top and bottom are not in balance? Do you exercise hard and eat a restrictive diet to combat this unwanted fat, to no avail? If the answer is yes to any of these questions, then prepare to have your world rocked by a very popular cosmetic procedure known as liposuction.

Your plastic surgeon can use the procedure to sculpt and reshape your body into the desired figure. Pockets of unwanted fat accumulate in the aforementioned areas of the body, and as we age these areas are less and less affected by diet and exercise. They stubbornly retain fat, and these areas become disproportionate in size to the rest of your body, especially if you eat properly and routinely exercise. Liposuction was designed to target these specific areas, removing the unwanted fat, thereby restoring your body to its former shape. Liposuction in the hands of a qualified plastic surgeon can provide a shapely figure. Clothes will fit better, you will look better, and your new appearance can provide a boost to your self-esteem.

Liposuction uses a cannula, a straw like tube made of stainless steel to suction the excess fat from specific areas of your body. A compact incision is created, and the cannula is placed in the incision. Liposuction is usually accomplished under a local anesthetic. A liposuction surgery can sometimes include multiple areas, including, the abdomen, back, hips, and thighs.

The most commonly encountered concerns associated with liposuction recuperation consist of inflammation, bruising, soreness, as well as painfulness. These kinds of issues are quite expected as they are a result of possible injury to the subcutaneous capillaries at some point in the liposuction process or from the anesthetic fluid trapped beneath the skin after the surgery. It is a good idea to make sure you rest for a couple of days after the surgery and follow your surgeon’s supplied guidelines for the recovery process.

If you are taking thinking about having a liposuction procedure in Houston, contact Memorial Plastic Surgery. We are a plastic, cosmetic, and reconstruction clinic providing cosmetic surgery to the Houston Metropolitan area. Dr. Patrick Hsu, our head surgeon, is a board certified liposuction surgeon in Houston. His knowledge, together with his expertise, makes him a highly regarded plastic surgeon with numerous patients who are more than delighted with their results. His emphasis is on safe and effective procedures, as well as working to obtain your preferred appearance. The doctor provides exemplary care and attention, making a connection with his patients. He recognizes that deciding on an aesthetic surgical procedure is a big step, and he helps you become comfortable with your decision. Schedule an appointment and he will gladly make clear the how the results of lipo can rock your world.

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