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Chinese Tea and Wine Culture

by luciezhang

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Every country in the world has their respective contributions. It may be in the field of engineering, technology, medicine, business and industry, and other aspects resulting to the betterment of life. In fact, it renowned them across the world merely because of these impartations. Like China, it is well-known as the main producer of tea because they are skillful in planting and making tea. It serves as a livelihood for most of the Chinese people. Also, they use this as an ingredient in some recipes for their cuisine. With its variety of used, they determined that it can be a medicine for various illnesses. No wonder that the tea is part of their culture and lifestyle. Thus, resulting to practice tea-drinking. In different celebrations, tea-drinking is particularly observed. It even influences various countries around the world to do the same practice.

Mainly through the “Silk Road” and other exchanging channels, their tea became known in Europe and also throughout other regions. For this, the Chinese greatly contributed and wrote a page in the history of the world’s civilization. Then, the development and production of tea has been in of China’s radical contributions to the world.

In the tea creation category of China, green tea marks the oldest after it was discovered in the early 5000 years ago. One of the main reasons is that making green tea is quite simple. It’s either people directly boil fresh leaves from a plant of dry them for future usage. But because of growing modernizing of the civilization, the way of producing green tea changed, although it still resembles the original that requires it to not be fermented and slightly oxidized to retain the original taste of the leaf.

By history and traditions, there are the top ten best teas, but it depends on the person’s taste. It includes Long Jing (Dragon Well tea); Bi Luo Chun (Green Snail Spring tea); Tieguanyin (Iron Goddess tea); Huangshan Mao Feng (Yellow Mountain Fur Peak tea); and Junshan Yinzhen (Jun Mountain Silver Needle tea). With variations, Qimen Hong Cha (Qi Gate Red tea); Da Hong Pao (Big Red Robe tea); Liu An Gua Pian (Liu An Melon Seed tea); Xin Yang Mao Jian (Xin Yang Hairy Tip tea); Tai Ping Hou Kui (Monkey King tea) are added.

Other than tea, wine has a distinct connection to the Chinese’s culture, now and before.The spirit started even in long years ago and has a history similar with tea and mankind. Which according to the legend; people makes spirit out of grains and from animal milk. It affects and infuses our ethics, law, norms, morality, social customs and philosophy. It is for the reason that the most emperor and ministers of China are fond of spirit.The use of spirits has been written in the ancient anecdotes and tales of China. This proved that wine has a close connection socially and costumically with the long and ancient history of China. In other words, spirit or wine is one of the adhesives in the culture of china other than tea.

Tea and wine have a long history. In fact, both have become firmly entrenched in the culture and customs of the people,Touch more information about chinese tea and wine culture.


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