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The Best Paints and Finishes Used by Interior Painters from

by leeannedyson

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Nearly a thousand volunteers are expected to participate in Paint the Town, Give Back Cincinnati's largest home painting event on June 29 for homeowners who are financially and physically unable to paint their homes. If you have plans to paint your home, you shouldn't wait for a non-profit organization to do it for you. Interior painting can be a DIY project provided you know the right kind of paint to use:


Flat and Matte Paints

These paints are formulated with function rather than aesthetics in mind; they are not used to make your interior look shiny and easy on the eyes. Instead, flat and matte paints are best for covering up cracks in your walls, halls, and ceilings. Most interior painters in Cincinnati would not recommend these paints for high-traffic areas like kitchens and bathrooms, because they can be difficult to clean.


Eggshell and Satin Paints

If you want a balance between beauty and durability when it comes to painting your interiors, eggshell paints offer a reasonable compromise. They can be used to color bathrooms and kitchens since these paints are easy to wash. Satin paints are similar to eggshell paints, although they are more suited for bedrooms since they can peel off if they get wet.


Glossy Paints

The beauty of your walls and ceilings are amplified if you use glossy paints. As the name implies, they always leave a glossy, shiny finish on any surface where they're used.  However, they are best as finishes, rather than as a primary color for a room since they don't do a good job in hiding imperfections on walls and ceilings. In fact, they can make these imperfections more obvious.


Semi-gloss paints are often used as finishes for bathrooms and kitchens, thanks to their high tolerance for liquids. High-gloss paints, on the other hand, do a good job as finishes for furniture. These can be used on walls, although it's more practical to use flat and matte paints instead.


With such an array of paint options for you to choose from, there's no reason to delay your interior painting project. If you need to have some repair works done on a wood floor, cabinet or chair rail, before you paint, you can call carpenters in Cincinnati to give you a hand. To learn more about interior paints, visit: and

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