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A bear hat is just what your head needs for the winter

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Winter weather lasts for several months each year before making way for spring. All through the cold days of wintry weather you have to keep warm by wearing clothing that is up to the task. Woolen hats and great coats are therefore staple attire for many. This is all well and good but there is surely no harm to once in a while replace the woolen tams with stylish faux fur animal headgear, say a bear hat. Of course, there are lots of other animals to choose from including lions, leopards, wolves and even cows. Simply because too many people just find it necessary to wear what the next person is wearing, your decision to wear one of these hats will no doubt make you look unique and trendy. Wherever you walk in your animal hat several appreciative heads are bound to turn.

What should you look for when shopping around for a bear hat to make certain that you buy the best quality? Your basic guideline here is to ensure that any hat you fancy is made from the best quality faux fur. As you look through what’s available in various online stores therefore, only go for faux fur of the highest quality – acrylic should be your preferred choice. The interior of these hats is typically lined with a material that will guarantee enough warmth for the head - 100% satin polyester is ideal.

With regards to the designs and options available, and considering that this type of headgear is affordable, you should, if possible, have more than one variety of bear hat in your closet. These hats are available in several colors including black, brown and white – the latter based on the polar bear theme. In terms of design, there are simply too many options to choose from based on your personal preferences. The themes abound, from Western European to Eastern European, civilian to military, and so on. In addition to basic hats there are also other interesting designs such as hats with paws. This particular design combines stylishness and functionality seeing as the paws are mitten-like and you can therefore tuck your hands into them to keep your fingers from going numb. Many websites offer thumbnail images of all the various hats you can buy thus adding intrigue to any animal hat shopping experience.

Caring for your bear hat is going to be pleasantly easy; you can either have it dry cleaned or you can hand-wash it in cold water and then air-dry it.

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