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Zeliq Coolsculpting – A Smart Substitute For Liposuction

by doctormichael

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Zeliq Coolsculptingcan be considered as a radical method to remove fat cells from the body using a cooling technique. This is such a procedure, which can be applied without the usage of a proper diet or exercise. The places from where the fat cells can be removed are the back, waist or tummy. This technique is wonderfully developed by the Zeltiq Aesthetic, and the concept is mainly based on the fact that fat cells shrink in low temperatures. This is mainly done by cooling the accumulated fat below freezing point. This method transforms the cells from a liquid form to a solid form.

With this method the fat cells shrink, and it does not affect the surrounding tissues, and cells. With the continuation of the treatment, the fat cells go away from the body in a natural method. In the absence of fat cells, the body makes itself contoured, thereby decreasing the layer of fat in the body. During such a procedure, the things are performed by experienced cosmetic surgeons inside the clinic performs these things with excellent care. The area where the surgery is done is protected by gel pads. This treatment does not require anesthesia in any form.

The process of surgery is mainly performed by applying vacuum applicator on the skin, which causes suction between the dual cooling pads. The treatment is mainly done without a proper damage to the tissues in the surrounding. After doing some sort of treatment, the patient can get back to the regular work very soon. Zeliq Coolsculpting does not require any form of after treatment or rest. Some kind of numbness in the skin may persist after the surgery, but it soon disappears with time. If we compare other procedures of fat removal, this sort of coolsculpting offers a number of benefits.

The main benefits of this area freezes the fat, and dissolves it within a very short time. The process is completed within an hour. This does not make you feel uncomfortable. Only you feel a slight pull on your skin. The fat layer disappears completely in two months, and the reduction of average fat is at least 25%. Some people have even achieved a fat reduction amounting to 60%. This treatment can last for a long time, and it is done for maintaining the ideal weight of every individual. Always make sure that it is done by reputed, and experienced cosmetic surgeons.

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