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Different Types Of Sex Toys Available In The Market

by adultmart

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Sex toys are instruments that help a person to relax and pleasure themselves. Sex toys can drive one’s imagination, spice up the sex by providing variety and have certain stimulating effects and experience that a normal sex cannot provide. There are certain myths that a continuous usage of sex toys might decrease a person’s interest in actual sex experience, but such cases are very rare.


Recent research show that when used by couples, they actually help in creating openness between partners. They are a great way to experience new things in the bedroom.  Various kinds of sex toys are available in the sex shop made for both men and women.  Of the various types sex toys are available now a day, the most well known is the vibrator which is used to provide stimulation to the genitals using vibrations. There are vibrators for both men and women.


Female vibrator is mainly used to stimulate the clitoris. Vibrators are mainly battery operated but some also have cord extensions. They can be used for internal purpose or external use depending on the shape and size of the vibrator. They are classified as penetrative vibrator, anal vibrator, G-spot vibrator, rabbit vibrator, bullet vibrators, vibrator wands, alarm clock vibrators and Luxury vibrators. Small vibrators may have a small stretchy loop so that it could be used as a cock ring or a finger toy. Some vibrators even have controllers in order to control the pace of vibrations. Among the non vibrating devices, the dildo is most popularly used for sexual stimulation of the vagina and anus.


They often resemble a penis and are usually made of silicone rubber. Then there are erotic furniture which is specially shaped for stimulation and penetration. Among male masturbators the Flesh-light is the most popular which looks like a bulky flashlight. Its interior is made of a flesh like material with various openings like vagina, butt and mouth. It comes in various shades of pink colour interior. It is specifically designed to give a feeling of actual penal penetration.


Other examples of sex toys are the Ben-We- balls, double penetration dildo, butt plugs, anal beads, nipple clamp, cock rings, penis sleeve, Triple Crown, cock harness, ball lock, penis extension, docking sleeve and artificial vaginas. The penis sleeves provide a change in the feel of sex. There are a variety of sleeves to put over the penis to provide different feelings during sex. Adult toys are also used for therapeutic uses. For example a cock ring prolongs male erection by holding blood inside the penis in order to combat erectile difficulties. Sex toys should be cleaned properly in order to prevent bacterial growth, which might cause infection. Glass sex toys are usually made from clear medical grade borosilicate glass. It is non toxic and non porous and hence are very easy to clean and sterilized to prevent the growth of bacteria. Everyone could use some more enjoyable sex. Adult toys can help both individuals and couples to have sex in more enjoyable fashion.

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