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Types of Sacramento Patio Covers That Are Charming and Comfy

by ryannhoyer

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Adding flair to a traditional social gathering like family reunions is now easy. With exquisite cuisine, an alternative theme, and a perfect outdoor space like a patio, any event promises to be fabulously fun. Even the elements cannot spoil the party; in Sacramento, California where inclement weather is ever-present due to its Mediterranean climate, outdoor get-togethers happen regardless of the season. The secret is in sturdy Sacramento patio covers that keep guests dry and comfortable, even when there’s a bit of rain during an outdoor event. Aside from protection, these landscape necessities add charm to an open living area. The look of a back or front yard can be transformed by a patio cover, depending on the material used.


Wood composite is the more popular choice among homeowners as patio covers. The classic texture of this material almost always complements any house architecture and gives a landscape design a more solid look. Wood is not tricky to paint, too; owners who fancy a splash of color on their patio can do so without spending so much.

Natural wood is likewise generally used because they can effortlessly bring attention to the focal point of the house, or make other areas pop. A skilled siding contractor in Sacramento can use any color or material for the house exterior and even make sure that a neutral-colored wooden patio will enhance it without taking focus away from the siding (if this is the part of the home that the owner wants to see).


Like patio coverings made of wood, the aluminum type is subtly eye-catching, and is weather and insect-resistant to boot. Aluminum tops for an outdoor structure come in different shades as well and do not require extensive maintenance. The roofs of these types of patios are usually made of fiberglass or canvass roof. This combination of hard and soft textures makes metal patio tops popular among people with contemporary design tastes.


The weight and the wide range of shades that vinyl coverings come in has made this material a top option for homeowners. Its ability to withstand harsh weather and rust is just one advantage of a vinyl patio cover. Get more information on this topic at

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