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Storytelling by a Voice Over Talent

by ricklancevoiceactor

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Voice over is a production technique that makes use of a voice in radio, filmmaking or television production. This voice over may be spoken by someone who appears elsewhere in the production or by a specialist – a voice actor/ or a voice over talent. A voice over talent is a person who is able to give a voice or personality to images or animated characters. What is a voice over talent and who has it? Not everyone may be a voice over talent but there are more people than you think who may be voice over talents. Voice over talents are people who enjoy reading aloud to people or who enjoy telling stories; they are also people who want to be heard but prefer not to be on-camera; if you are a teacher, a broadcaster or an actor, you may a voice over talent.

 A storyteller is the person assigned to read aloud the story. As a voice over talent, the storyteller reads the dialogue and makes the text come to life with the way the lines were read. Should you be reading a child’s storybook, a good storyteller is able to read the speaking parts of the animals according to the sound it makes. Take for example the story of the Lion and the Mouse. A good storyteller may read the parts said by the lion in a gruff voice and the speaking parts of the mouse with a squeaky voice. A good storyteller is also a good voice over talent. Once a storyteller is able to deliver the story well, the listeners will surely be interested in the story.

Should there be pictures or images, a voice over talent creates the voice and personality of the animated character and then this is recorded. This may be done using a windows computer. With Microsoft sound recorder you may record, edit and play back your voice. You may create the sound of a chipmunk, or a cave troll. Voice Recording may be done using the Microsoft Sound Recorder.  Voice recording may also be done using the Voice Recording Software. This voice recording software may be used for Windows or Mac.  The RecordPad is a general voice recording program that lets you quickly and easily record sound. the RecordPad allows you to record voice, sound, music and other audio which may be added to digital presentations.

The WavePad is an easy-to-use audio editor you can use to record and then edit recordings. This audio editing software is a full-featured professional audio and music editor for Windows and Mac. It lets you record and edit voice, music and other audio recordings. When editing audio files, you can cut, copy and paste parts of the recording and then add effects like echo. All these may be used by a voice over talent or a storyteller. A storyteller may use these voice recording to create sound effects for the story. A storyteller may also edit parts of the story using a WavePad.


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